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Other German Principalities - Sonstige Deutsche Fűrstentűmer

Kleinheubach 75 km SE/SÖ Frankfurt – on the / am Main
Territory: Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort
Name(s): Conrad, Lorenz, wife/Ehefrau, 6 children/Kinder
Haun, [Hawn, Haughn], Johann Georg, wife/Ehefrau, 4 children/Kinder
Hirschmann [Hirshman], Ludowyk
Morasch [Morash], Johann Michael Johannes
Rodenhauser, [Rothenhauszen, Rhodenizer] Philipp, wife/Ehefrau, 4 children/Kinder
Sauer, Matthäus
Schnerr [Schnare, Snair], Ludowick
Zinck, Caspar

More foreign Protestant settlers came from Kleinheubach than from any other community. Originally a Frankish settlement, it controlled a ford across the Main river which was important for military purposes, as well as trade. In the 18th century, this ford limited navigation upstream for larger river boats from the Rhine (which were tiny by today's standards). Hence Kleinheubach . . . became an assembly point for emigrants from neighbouring communities and from upriver in Franconia. Each emigrant barge could carry up to 50 families, who would assemble for a farewell church service in Kleinheubach. The wharf was (and still is) located just behind the church.


Protestant St. Martin’s church in Kleinheubach (1706-1710). View from across the Main river.





Ortenberg 40 km NE/NÖ Frankfurt
Territory: jointly held by Counties / Gemeinbesitz der Grafschaften Königstein, Stolberg-Roßla, Hanau-Münzenberg
Name(s): Hiltz, Johann Heinrich, wife/Ehefrau, 8 children/Kinder
Johann Daniel

A picturesque town, with a very well-preserved old town-centre, Ortenburg is located in the hilly, wooded countryside of Hesse. The surname, Hilss, still exists here.



Old City Hall, first mentioned about 1450, rebuilt 1605-08. The foundations of the old buildings are of red sandstone, quarried in Kleinheubach and shipped here along the Main and the Nidda. Note that slate is used only on the side exposed to the weather.



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